Kelela grounds her debut album in the earthly business of sex, romantic intimacy, power, and how these intertwine in intricate but always human configurations.

By J. Ery Díaz

In early releases, Kelela Mizanekristos painted an over-saturated backdrop of acid to better highlight her vocals. Her voice, sweet and precise, always…

Leslie Feist playing at The Fillmore, May 10th, 2017

Feist’s songs have quietly morphed a decade after ‘The Reminder’. What does it mean for a record to age?

By J. Ery Díaz

Longing ages differently than we do. If we define it as the gulf between our looking expectantly towards the sea and our faraway loved ones — or…

Perfume Genius and Gazelle Twin don’t wallow in vulnerability — they weaponize it.

We are taught few strategies to survive in society as Others: we must assimilate completely or endure, hopeful but precarious, in its margins. Queers must deal with the sticky residues of trauma any way they can, and…

Ery Diaz

museum of gem shards

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